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School Flooring That Makes the Cut Every Time

The budget is tight and floors may not make the cut. Here are a few fighting points to get your school the flooring it deserves.

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How Is Your Retail Flooring Holding Up During the Holidays?

    The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to shopping. Whether you’re heading off to the grocery store to prepare an unforgettable meal for family and friends or rushing out to complete last-minute gift shopping – there is always something to be done. As a business […]

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Quartz Floor Tile Aligns With CMG World Color Forecast

Each year Color Marketing Group (CMG) announces the regional Key Colors from their World Color Forecast™. The multi-industry global color design professionals collaborate to create a forward looking panel of colors. Colors meant to influence and inspire both residential and commercial areas. At Rikett, we’re excited to announce our quartz floor tile is falling seamlessly […]

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Making Your Quartz Tile Flooring Last For Decades

  With so many flooring options available in today’s market, deciding which is best for your needs can be overwhelming. However, when it comes to assisted living flooring, school flooring, healthcare flooring, and even dormitories, quartz tile flooring is an excellent surface option. Beyond the superior durability, quartz tile is one of the most aesthetically […]

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Quartz Tile Flooring Refinishing or Replacement: A Look At Carbon Footprints

    If your quartz tile flooring could use a little TLC, there are options. The first option is a total flooring replacement. However, in a society that is more cautious than ever before of the carbon footprint created, replacement may not seem the best choice. So, we take a look at the second option, […]

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More Than Ever Before, Healthcare Flooring Matters

RQT is the ideal solution for healthcare flooring, flooring in assisted living homes, hospitals, schools, and other commercial industries.

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Does Your Quartz Tile Flooring Need a Change?

Every floor requires maintenance, some more than others. From daily sweeping to waxing, incorporating a solid routine is a must. We’re taking a look at a few instances that may lead to a change in your regular cleaning routine.

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How to Stay on Top of Flooring Trends

When you are ready to change things up, researching current trends can help bring your ideas to life. Here are a few helpful resources to begin your journey.

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Understanding VOC Emissions

If you’ve heard of, but don’t fully understand VOC emissions, you’ll want to read this article before choosing your next flooring solution.

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Health Friendly Quartz Tile Flooring Solutions

We take sustainability seriously. That is why we’ve designed a quartz tile flooring solution that keeps the environment in mind.

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