School Flooring That Makes the Cut Every Time

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If you’ve ever been involved in any aspect of the school planning and budgeting process, you know the legroom is tight. However, many aspects within the school require constant attention. For example, your school flooring is one of the most used and abused elements located within the building. Think about it, every day the halls and classrooms are continuously walked upon, not to mention the abuse from dropped books, bags, etc.

Even though your school flooring takes a beating and looks worn beyond its years, this element generally doesn’t make the cut when it comes time for budget planning. Lucky for you, you’ve found Rikett quartz tile.


Let’s talk about that budget

One of the most significant fighting points you’ll have when presenting new flooring to the budgeting committee comes with a low cost solution. While RQT (Rikett Quartz Tile) may seem expensive upfront, the quality, requirements, and durability make this flooring the ultimate solution – no matter what the budget allows.



Unlike other flooring types, RQT requires very little out of pocket expenses – even on the most abused floors.  In many instances, a combination of inexpensive, natural soap and water hold sufficient against the toughest messes. RQT even removes the endless hours of stripping and waxing to keep floors looking their best.

As a non-porous material, the worry of spills and staining is eliminated as well. In the long run, RQT will not only cost less in upkeep, but it will also look as good as the day you install it for years to come.



Having school flooring that can withstand the test of time is hard to come by. RQT is one of the toughest materials available on the market. With superior durability features, this natural mined material offers a strength unlike any other product – a must in high-traffic areas.



As if those two elements we’re enough, we are also going to toss in the element of safety. Because safety at all levels within the school system is imperative, your floors should be no exception. RQT is naturally slip-resistant, which means your staff and students will be safer than ever before on the new flooring.

Rainy days, melted snow, lab spills, and bathroom overflows – all concerns of the past.


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When it comes to school flooring, Rikett’s RQT is the only solution. For more information on how this product can enhance several elements within your education system, contact the Rikett team today by calling (855) 745-3881.