Does Your Quartz Tile Flooring Need a Change?

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Flooring is an investment.  Whether in the home or in a commercial environment, selecting the right type of floor for your requirements and needs involves time and research.  Here at Rikett, we have several customers that opt for quartz tile flooring.  First, congratulations on your excellent choice! However, now may also be time to consider your maintenance routine.

Every floor requires maintenance, some more than others depending on the foot traffic.  From daily sweeping to waxing, incorporating a solid routine is a must.  Not only will this routine ensure your floor is looking great, but it will also help to preserve the integrity and functionality of it.  

In this article, we’re taking a look a few instances that may lead for a change in your regular cleaning routine.


Installing new floors

Just like people, not all floors are created the same.  What works well for one surface may very well harm another type of flooring material. For example, your quartz tile flooring requires a much different approach than your cherry hardwood flooring.  Through research and inquiry with the manufacturer, you can obtain the best way to care for your new floors.


Damage to your existing floors

We’ve all done it, even if we won’t admit it.  We’ve gone to the closet to reach for the cleaner only to find out the bottle is empty.  So, perhaps you bought a cleaning product on a whim to get the job gone.  Without researching the ingredients and their compatibility with your flooring material, you may have made the matter worse. Chances are, you end up with damage to your flooring. Even the smallest damages can be difficult to contend with, so remedying the problem and making your way to a new solution is essential in avoiding further damages.


You’re not getting your desired results

Something that can be very frustrating to deal with as well is a lack of desired results. If you’re finding that a specific product is not doing the job, it’s time to reconsider your options.  From cleaners to the equipment used to clean, even the method being used during applications, are all elements that should be reevaluated and adjusted.  


Excessive budgeting 

If you find yourself spending far too much money on floor upkeep, it’s time to reconsider your routine.  Now don’t get us wrong, quality products should be used on your investment, but they shouldn’t break the bank.  There’s always alternatives that can accomplish the same results.  However, when altering from recommended products, be sure to thoroughly look at the ingredients to avoid damaging your floors.


quartz tile flooring


Taking care of your quartz tile flooring is essential to its integrity. By knowing what works, and what doesn’t, you can preserve your floors for years to come!  For more information contact Rikett Flooring at (855) 745-3887.