The Value of Assisted Living Flooring

When you or a loved one becomes older, their health and safety become as important as ever. If anything, focusing on health becomes more essential. To ensure safety, every piece of someone’s surroundings should be equipped to bear safety in mind. Rikett understands how crucial assisted living flooring is to buildings. We’re proud to offer it.


The Benefits

Our flooring is some of the most resilient. It offers the protection and surface feel you need to safely navigate a space. Whether you are someone who tends to tread lightly or you bring plenty of traffic to the space, resilient flooring makes it that much easier. In a space like assisted living facilities where accidents happen, a robust surface is a must-have.

Resiliency also helps counter messes. As patients and staff alike navigate assisted living facilities, there will be messes, spills, accidents, and more. Dirt and other contaminants are especially harmful to the elderly, so they need to be cleared as soon as possible. Assisted living flooring provided by Rikett is robust and easy to clean, keeping everything manageable.

Assisted living spaces are also busy spaces that encounter plenty of foot traffic, and getting from Point A to Point B is the most important thing staff can do for patients. Since it is so easy to maintain, LVT flooring is ideal. You’ll be able to move along and keep it clean with simple routine maintenance.

It is so important to ensure the lives of both patients and staff at assisted living facilities   are secure, and every choice you make during construction or renovation can make a difference. If you want to learn more about assisted living flooring or the other items we carry, please call Rikett today at (855)-RIKETT-7 ( (855)-745-3887) and see what we can do for you today. We’re happy to help!