The Importance of Assisted Living Flooring

In today’s world, people have a longer life expectancy than ever before. Thus, chances are there will be a need for assisted living for many individuals. With several aspects to consider, choosing the ideal facility can be an overwhelming experience. At Rikett, we provide LTV flooring products that bring several desirable benefits to assisted living flooring. This article will highlight a few of the considerations which should be taken into account.

assisted living flooring


One of the most important features you’ll consider when choosing an assisted living facility will concern the safety features in which it provides. Features ranging from access security to patient care are all considerations to take into account. One important aspect to notice when visiting different facilities is the flooring. Old, worn-out tiles that are chipped or peeling can cause great danger to both patients and staff. Signs of frequently walked paths are also a giveaway that either the flooring is not the proper flooring for the demands of the facility, or that it is time to be replaced.

Overall Appearance

Although décor is not top of mind when searching for the ideal facility for your loved ones, it may be an influence in your evaluation. Consider walking into a business that has poor lighting, dark furniture, and worn out flooring; not the best impression! However, when you walk into a facility that has appropriate lighting, new furniture, and stylish flooring; you’re left with a better overall impression. This unspoken statement that is left upon you will remain in your overall opinion when making the final selection for a living facility.


If you’ve ever considered flooring before, you know that not all floors are made alike. Although assisted living flooring may have similar resemblances between facilities, each manufacturer has a unique method of production. What your floor is made from will help to determine the features it can provide. For instance, some products offer non-absorbent features making cleaning hazardous materials a breeze. Further, special finishes can provide a durable, wax-free floor.


If you’re in the market for assisted living flooring or considering a facility for a loved one, check out Rikett’s LTV flooring. Providing safety and design features, Rikett’s flooring comes in a variety of patterns and colors which contribute to your desired atmosphere. For more information, check us out online or contact us today at (855) 745-3887.