More Than Ever Before, Healthcare Flooring Matters

healthcare flooring



During an unprecedented time, professionals are beginning to take a look at several elements in a new light. For instance, healthcare flooring is a product that has always been around, but possibly not given an abundance of consideration. However, we are realizing that every element, right down to the flooring, makes a significant impact on the environment in question. As temporary medical facilities continue to arise, operating under the same guidelines as hospitals, healthcare flooring matters more than ever.

At Rikett, we’re here to let you know why our Rikett Quartz Tile (RQT) is the perfect solution for medical facilities, as well as assisted living environments, schools, and other commercial flooring needs.



Chemical resistance

RQT’s chemical resistance is excellent, as evidenced by its results on ASTM F925 – Standard Test for Resistance to Chemicals of resilient Flooring, and ASTM F925 Modified. ASTM F925 Modified is referred to as the “Kaiser Test.” This particular test includes specific chemicals found in healthcare facilities and labs, such as Gram’s Iodine, Methylene Blue, Betadine, and others.




Stain resistance

Another benefit of quartz tile is its low absorption rate. VCT’s absorption rate can be as high as 13%. This is why 3-5 coats of finish are required – the first 2-3 coats get soaked into the tile. The absorption rate for quartz tile is 0.3%. It is almost non-porous, which helps is resist absorbing stains, soils, bacteria, and infectious organisms. Because of this feature, quartz tiles are very popular not only in healthcare facilities but also in labs and schools.




Disinfecting is simple

RQT is easily cleaned using disinfectants and quaternary cleaners. To be safe, you’ll want first to test the sanitizing cleaner with RQT samples. By doing so, you can be sure there are no issues before using it on the installed floor. Strong disinfectants can sometimes affect resilient flooring, especially if they are not rinsed clean.  Heavily embossed vinyl floors, like LVT, tend to trap these destructive chemicals in the recesses of their embossed surfaces, which, when allowed to dwell and not appropriately rinsed, will attack the chemical structure of the floor. The floor surface may discolor or worse, degrade, leaving more open surface area for infectious organisms to reside.




Variety of options

RQT is available in a variety of options making the product suitable for several different applications and environments.


To find out more information about Rikett Quartz Tile and how it may be the perfect solution for your healthcare flooring needs, contact our team today at (855) 745-3887 or by email at