Enhancing Your Quartz Tile

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Quartz tile is a resilient and stylish flooring choice. If you are looking to have it installed in your facility, you are going to want to ensure it is going to look its best. You should also unlock its potential. Follow the tips below to enhance your quartz tile and maintain it. Be sure to contact […]

Find Out If LVT Flooring Is Right For Your Space

LVT flooring

With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow down your flooring choice to a single winner. Knowing your needs and what kind of flooring can best compliment the spaces is essential. It will make the investment much more worthwhile. Luxury vinyl tile – LVT flooring – is one of the more […]

Advice For Maintaining LVT Flooring

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Being aware of a floor’s condition and ensuring it is maintained is a practice that should be done often. Otherwise, the floor’s appearance could begin to decline. It may become quite dirty and look aged without proper and adequate maintenance. Maintenance can become a bit tedious, but is certainly necessary for your investment to stay […]

How Rikett Stands Out

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Flooring is used in so many spaces, and its  evolution has  fostered many flooring manufacturers. Given how many floor options are out there, it can be hard to narrow down a choice and find the right manufacturer for your needs. They need to stand out, deliver great product, and be attentive. Rikett has been in […]

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

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Technology has made room for plenty of new developments and improvements in the flooring industry. The goal of successful flooring is to provide a strong surface that can resist dirt, damage and bacteria, all while looking its best. Through time and effort, Rikett has created an excellent option in luxury vinyl tile.  See a few […]

What to Avoid During Floor Maintenance

Maintaining flooring is an essential part of owning property. Otherwise, you pose safety risks and create an undesirable aesthetic. When you work with a maintenance routine, it is best to know what will be successful and what does not work at all. The following are some mistakes to avoid while maintaining your floor. Whether you […]

How to Diversify Flooring


Flooring can often be seen as a rather static, uninvolved investment that remains mostly neutral. To most, it is just a surface and is not capable of being overly expressive. However, you can be pretty exciting with your flooring choice! Whether you own Luxury Vinyl Tile, (LVT), or hardwood, there are certainly some ways you […]

When to Switch Your Floor Maintenance Routine

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Making your floor look its best is key to good ownership and securing your new investment. You want to be sure that you are able to look on your quartz tile flooring with pride, so ensuring that it looks great is the least you can do. Incorporating a solid cleaning routine is a great way […]

What to Look for in Home Flooring

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When it comes time to settle into a new living space, you want to be confident in its aesthetic and safety. After all, homes are semi-permanent investments that require plenty of upkeep and security. Flooring is an important piece of that, since the people in a living space come into contact with it so often. […]

How to Stay on Top of Flooring Trends

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Decorating your living space is a hobby that always leaves room for new and innovative ideas. As you grow in your living space and your tastes change, reinvention can be inevitable. When you are ready to make your room over, there is plenty to take care of. Even the flooring needs to be renewed and […]