Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile Designed for Any Environment

As one of the fastest growing products in the flooring market, commercial luxury vinyl tile has many desirable attributes. One of the most unique features of this type of flooring is the realistic look it provides. Because of the variety of available patterns, LTV can be applied in several different applications. From healthcare to industrial environments, the LTV flooring products offered by Rikett are the budget-friendly solution you’ve been looking for.

commercial luxury vinyl tile


True to species, our wood LVT flooring solutions can be difficult for people to tell they’re not real hardwood floors. Whether you prefer oak or cherry, our hi-resolution scanning technologies enable our team to create a lower-cost flooring that looks like the real deal. Our wood commercial luxury vinyl tile can be applied in any environment. For instance, if your office floor is getting a bit dingy, or your retail store has worn paths, a new wood floor look can enhance the room in no time at all. Whether your looking to replace carpet or lay flooring over concrete, our installation process make anything possible!



Similarly, stone patterns can easily create the natural, elegant feel you’ve wanted for your commercial environment. Providing real stone finishes such as marble, or slate, your traditional space can be transformed into elegance. Furthermore, our wide selection of flooring products provides you with an array of colors, ensuring a unique look and feel.



The design community has been vocal about their interest in new visuals beyond wood and stone. Rikett’s next generation of RESO LTV has answered those demands. Click here to sample a selection of abstract and alternative patterns that will take your commercial space to the next level of sophistication.


luxury vinyl tile

For a fraction of the cost, Rikett’s fully sustainable commercial luxury vinyl tile is the flooring solution you’ve been looking for. We create a desirable high-quality solution using bio-based plasticizers that are easy to clean and maintain for several years. Our mission is to manufacture and sell the best quality products at the most competitive prices. So, if you’re in the market for new flooring, it’s time to consider Rikett. Contact our team today to learn more