How to Stay on Top of Flooring Trends

Decorating or redecorating your home or office space opens opportunities for fresh and innovative ideas. As you grow in your space and tastes change, reinvention can be inevitable. From wall color to furniture arrangement, every detail sets the tone for the overall feeling portrayed to your clients or customers. For example, quartz flooring sends a much different vibe than wood flooring.

When you are ready to change things up, researching current trends can help bring your ideas to life. Below, you’ll find some ways to acquire new flooring trends for the upcoming year.


1.) Media

Magazines and design shows are not only easily accessible, but they also provide the newest, innovative ideas on the market. Taking ideas that stand out to you, they can then be applied to your environment with your own unique twist.


quartz tile flooring


2.) Professionals

If you happen to know someone who is a designer by industry, pick their brain. By talking with them, you’ll have the inside scoop to hot topics, color schemes, and flooring trends. Using this insight can help spark ideas and inspirations of your own!


3.) Store Displays

Retail and boutique stores are a hub for the newest trends and products, no matter what industry they cater to. By visiting a home improvement or commercial retail supplier, you can see what materials are not only available but trending at the current moment.


retail flooring

4.) Seek New Materials

Sometimes, unexpected discoveries give birth to some of the most innovative ideas. Keep your eyes open and notice which materials are available to use as flooring. You may find a whole new set of ideas that you may not have known about. For instance, quartz flooring is just one of the many quality flooring options you can use to bring a whole new look and feel to your commercial space.


5.) Friends and Family

An individual doesn’t necessarily need to be a professional to provide quality decorating tips. If you have someone in your life that is well-versed in décor, and happens to know quite a bit about flooring trends, talk to them about your ideas. You never know if inspiration can strike you, plus it’s an excellent reason to catch up with people you care about.


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