Quartz Floor Tile Aligns With CMG World Color Forecast

Each year Color Marketing Group (CMG) announces the regional Key Colors from their World Color Forecast™. The multi-industry global color design professionals collaborate to create a forward looking panel of colors. Colors meant to influence and inspire both residential and commercial areas. At Rikett, we’re excited to announce our quartz floor tile is falling seamlessly into the recent predictions.


Experts envision Mist in 2021

“Mist will first veil, then cleanse, and finally, elevate the mindset through difficult times and emerge determinedly into the newly established decade. It is selected and shall be embraced, to encompass the mood, desire, and fantasy of new growth.

Despite global events, it is an encouraging moment for design and Mist is a color that suggests the transcendence n creating new products and design solutions. Determined by CMG North American color experts in 2019 to emerge in 2021+ as the Key color, the pale blue color of Mist suggests an uninhibited look at the future. Mist has neither gender nor age, making it ideal for fashion and consumer electronics, as well as transportation. With its ability to take on varying sheen levels and special effects with ease, Mist is an easy color to embrace.”

Reference: https://colormarketing.org/2020/09/22/key-color-mist/


Quartz Floor Tile

In response to the CMG’s forecasted emergence of Mist as a Key Color in 2021, we’re offering innovative quartz floor tile sure to fulfill any industry needs. Although RQT Medley is available in a range of textures and colors, there are two we are particularly exited about – Morning Mist and Cerulean. Both of which fall in line with the design forecast for 2021.


quartz floor tilequartz flooring


Recommend Use and Application

Rikett quartz floor tile is designed with industrial and commercial industries at the forefront. With several considerations in play, RQT offers a low-maintenance, environmentally- friendly, solution built to withstand the heaviest foot traffic. Below are a few of the industries already benefiting from quartz floor tile:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Retails and Food Stores
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Sports Complexes
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Transportation
  • Marine


Whether the need is for an updated look or increased functionality within your flooring, it’s time to consider Rikett quartz floor tile. Not only do we engineer our flooring with sustainability and your health in mind, but we’re also excited to offer the widest selection of color choices.

For more information on RQT, contact the specialists at Rikett North America today by calling (855) 745-3887.