Health Friendly Quartz Tile Flooring Solutions

Here at Rikett, we take sustainability seriously. That is why we’ve designed a quartz tile flooring solution that keeps the environment in mind. Through the elimination of harmful chemicals, our engineers have created a superior product that provides strength and flexibility while maintaining environmental standards. Not only are we focused on sustainability, but on your safety as well.

quartz tile flooring

What are phthalates?

Several flooring solutions incorporate the use of petroleum-based plasticizers known as phthalates. This substance is added to plastics to increase flexibility, transparency, durability, and the overall longevity of a floors lifespan. However, phthalates are easily released into the environment causing risk to humans with high exposure levels. Click here to read more about the potential health risks of phthalate exposure.


What is asbestos?

Chances are, you’ve heard of asbestos at some point. Commonly used in construction up until the mid-1980s for its strength and fire-resistance, asbestos can cause havoc on the human health system. From shortness of breath to mesothelioma, asbestos is no joke. This silicon-based material, once released, will settle into the environment until properly removed by professionals.


Back to quartz tile flooring

You may be wondering what phthalates and asbestos have to do with RQT. Well, to put it simply, nothing. They have nothing at all to do with our flooring solutions because we’ve eliminated both elements from our manufacturing. In fact, we’ve never used them at all.

Since its beginnings in 1952, Rikett Quartz Tile (RQT) was invented as an alternative to homogeneous tiles using asbestos and carbonites. Instead of potentially harmful phthalates, we use bio-based plasticizers made from soy and palm oils. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 (environmental) and ISO 9001 (quality) certified. Our sustainable flooring solutions will never contain ortho-phthalates, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.


quartz tile flooring


If you’ve been searching for a flooring solution that far succeeds the competition, look no further. Rikett quartz tile flooring is not only made from the highest-quality materials, but it’s competitively priced. Yes, you’ve finally found a sustainable solution that won’t break the bank. For more information, give our team at Rikett a call today (855) 745-3887.