RESO LVT – a multi-layered, (heterogeneous), flooring product

How it’s made:

  1.   Rikettseal™ enhanced, commercial grade UV cured polyurethane coating provides for a durable, low-cost, no wax, easy maintenance flooring surface. Can be recoated, if needed.
  2.   A crystal clear, bio-based, resilient wear layer designed for long-term wear and to maintain a reliably     vibrant and sharp visual image. All RESO SKUs are embossed according to species.
  3.   Well designed, high RESOlution printed film delivers the look and feel of Nature’s finest Woods, Stones, and Abstract designs. Image is everything!
  4.   A fiberglass reinforcing layer offers superb dimensional stability. This is standard on all RESO LVT “Click” floors.
  5.   Multiple layers of clean, resilient polymers and bio-based plasticizers form a stable core and backing layer designed to withstand heavy traffic and rolling loads. Square edges are standard. Beveled edges are available as a special-order item.



  • Wood Patterns – are designed “according to species”. Each wood grain image is unique and sourced from the best available, authentic planks of real wood using hi-resolution scanning technology. Patterns are true to species – Oak is Oak, Cherry is Cherry, Walnut is Walnut, etc. (We won’t color an oak pattern red and call it Cherry!)
  • Stone Patterns: We understand designers work with real stone finishes and they know what a real marble, slate, or travertine looks like. So, Rikett is meticulous about recreating realistic visuals in their LVT stone patterns and colors. We also understand that designers are interested in other imagery, such as concrete, linen and reflective designs.
  • Abstract Patterns: The design community has been vocal in its demand for new visuals other than woods and stones. RESO offers a selection of abstract patterns as an alternative. The next generation of RESO will feature more abstract patterns.
  • Embossing – Rikett RESO is embossed according to species. Naturally smooth woods will have a smooth emboss. Naturally rough woods will have a more textured emboss. The same fundamental principles apply to Stones.
  • Emboss-In-Register, (EIR) – Running line RESO LVT can be made an EIR product as a special order.


  • Art & Science: Developing LVT film is an art and a science that not all flooring manufacturers achieve perfectly. Achieving accurate and natural print film colors is dependent on exposure, lighting, contrast, hue, light temperature and color blending during the film’s color separation process. Experience and attention to detail when coloring LVT film is what drives success.
  • Neutral Development: Rikett develops its baseline print film colors in a custom-built room with 5600 Kelvin Lighting – simulated neutral daylight. We believe neutral colors have the potential to be timeless – not too warm, not too cool. Then we adjust to warm and cool as needed according to local market trends.
  • Logical Color Palette: RESO LVT products and marketing tools are selected to represent a logical color palette that will make sense to a professional designer. Colors range from light to dark, warm to cool and represent every primary shade along color spectrum. This logical arrangement makes a difference in how designers view the product line. Rikett’s mission is to offer a meaningful design resource, sensibly meeting the everyday needs of busy design professionals.


  • ISO 14001 Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl – No unknown recycled content
  • 100% Recyclable
  • No-waste manufacturing process
  • 3rd Party “Certified Green” by MAS Labs – Low VOC’s
  • CA #1350 VOC Test – Pass: Standard Method V1.1
  • CA – Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), EQ 7.1.2 – Pass
  • LEED v4 Values:
  • MR – 100% recyclable
  • EQc 4.1 Low Emitting Adhesives & Sealants
  • EQc 4.3 Low Emitting Flooring Materials

Up to 6% Bio-Based Content

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