Protect Your Commercial Flooring from Winter Salt and Sand

commercial flooring

In the winter, salt and sand tracked in from outside can make a mess of your commercial flooring. With Rikett, it’s easy to keep them clean.

Commercial Flooring: Choose Sustainability with RQT

commercial flooring

Choosing the best material for commercial flooring isn’t easy. There is a lot to consider, from price to durability to environmental impact.

Is Your Store Flooring Ready for the Holidays?

store flooring

Retail flooring needs to put up with a lot over the holiday season. Get ready now with new quartz tile floors from Rikett.

Is RQT the Right Choice for Healthcare Flooring?

healthcare flooring

Healthcare flooring has to meet very high standards of sanitation and durability. Read this to learn how RQT rises to the challenge.

Upgrade Your School Floors Over the Summer Break

school floors

School floors see a lot of traffic throughout the course of the year. Students and staff come in and out, bringing with them dirt and grime from the outside.

How to Maintain Quartz Tiles

quartz tiles

When it comes to quality flooring materials, quartz tiles have a lot going for them. They have several design options and are durable and easy to maintain.

Choosing Resilient Flooring for High-Traffic Spaces

resilient flooring

Whether it’s a medical facility, school, retail store, or another commercial or industrial space, any high-traffic area needs resilient flooring.

Why RQT Is the Best Choice for Student Housing Floors

student housing floors

Rikett Quartz Tile Flooring is the ideal choice for student housing!

Quartz Tile: The Comeback Kid of 2022

quartz tile

Here’s what we’re looking forward to in the year of quartz tile!

How Does Your School Flooring Rate?

school flooring

When it comes to school flooring that can withstand the highest foot-traffic around, Rikett has your solutions!