Rikett is Perfect for Dormitory Flooring

quartz tile flooring

One of our top priorities is bringing our customers a product that is high quality and works perfectly in their desired setting. One of the trickier settings is dormitories. They require the durability of commercial floors but also need to be comfortable and hospitable enough for students to feel at home during their time in […]

Vinyl Tiles v. Quartz Tiles: What’s Right for You?

Here at Rikett, we understand that different rooms call for different flooring. These needs can vary from a simple color choice down to the material used. We offer two main products: vinyl tiles and quartz tiles. Which tile you choose heavily depends on the intended use because each one has different properties. Read on to […]

Importance of Cleanliness in Healthcare Flooring

There’s no question that cleanliness and sanitation are paramount in healthcare. Making sure you appropriately disinfect all surfaces and dispose of hazardous waste properly minimizes the risk for spreading illness and harmful bacteria. Although you’re likely doing all that you can in your facility, are there areas you can improve? Maybe you haven’t given it […]

Importance of Choosing the Right Assisted Living Flooring

Assisted living facilities are a critical part of healthcare. They provide around the clock care for those who need it and can bring peace of mind to families knowing their loved ones are in good hands. Finding a quality assisted living flooring that offers the benefits of traditional healthcare products while also feeling “homey” can […]

Healthcare Flooring Needs

Healthcare offices see a lot of different situations on a daily basis. From emergency rooms and hospitals to the eye doctor, each space is dramatically different. Even though these services cater to a broad audience and each day brings new situations, they all have similar needs to be met. Turn to Rikett for all your […]

Quartz Tiles Are Perfect for Travel

Here at Rikett, we understand how important flooring is for your business. You want something aesthetically pleasing, but also sturdy and durable. Our products are perfect for everything from commercial retail spaces, to industrial flooring, to airports. We provide a robust and durable quartz tile that’s perfect for an array of settings. High Traffic The […]

The Importance of Flooring Installation Instructions

quartz tile flooring

When working with something as delicate and precise as flooring, making sure every detail gets satisfied is key. From installation to daily maintenance, it is imperative that you do your best to keep flooring in top shape. Details matter, especially when your brand new quartz tile flooring is about to be installed. Following the specific […]

How to Keep Your Flooring Secure

quartz tile flooring

Part of making your flooring purchase worthwhile is ensuring its longevity. Being sure that it is going to stand the test of time is key, and helps you have a nice peace of mind about its condition. Keeping your flooring secure is essential to a long lifespan. Below, observe some ways you can keep your […]

Four Things That You May Not Know About LVT


In just about every industry, there’s bound to be something you’ve heard about in passing but don’t know all that well. People know floors. They use them every day and probably have vague knowledge about particular types. However, there is more to flooring like LVT than meets the eye that you may not have known. […]

The Value of Assisted Living Flooring

assisted living flooring

When you or a loved one becomes older, their health and safety become as important as ever. If anything, focusing on health becomes more essential. To ensure safety, every piece of someone’s surroundings should be equipped to bear safety in mind. Rikett understands how crucial assisted living flooring is to buildings. We’re proud to offer […]