Quartz Tile for Healthcare Flooring

healthcare flooring

  When it comes to healthcare facilities, there are many details involved with the aesthetics.  The flooring of a healthcare facility is extremely important for several reasons.  At Rikett, they take quality and safety seriously.  Rikett’s quartz tile flooring offers several beneficial features making it the perfect choice for healthcare facilities. Durability Quartz is one […]

Rikett to Open Flooring Production Line with 4-Meter-Wide Sheet Capability

4-meter-wide non-directional sheet flooring without visible seams

Rikett America announces its all-new, 4-meter-wide, non-directional, homogeneous sheet production line will be open for business in the North American market by June 2019! This hi-tech, state-of-the-art production line is a trailblazing development in the resilient flooring industry, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Currently, due to machinery limitations, most European and American resilient flooring manufacturers […]

What to Expect from Rikett Flooring

quartz floor tile

Flooring is an industry that requires plenty of attention to detail.  It is important to have confidence in whoever installs it in your space. Otherwise, you may be left with a vulnerable or shoddy product. Poor flooring can compromise safety, and will be very frustrating to contend with. However, there are plenty of ways Rikett […]

Wood Toned LVT for Every Room in Your Home

Sawcut Amazique Floor Image

Although it phased out of fashion for a while, it seems like hardwood floors are back in a big way. Not only do they bring an essence of style and elegance into your home, but they can also be easier to maintain and look brighter than carpet. But real hardwood floors can be a challenge […]

Rikett Quartz Tiles For Retail

The holiday season is creeping closer each day, but the holiday shopping season is well underway. If you’re working in retail, what are you asking for this holiday? If it’s new flooring for your store, you’re in the right place. Rikett quartz tiles are a durable, stylish solution to stand up to those Black Friday […]

Luxury Vinyl Tile Is the Best Commercial Choice

luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile is a durable and beautiful choice for any commercial space. It’s understated enough to be professional, but our many designs can also create a statement piece in the area. Whether you operate a construction office, legal team, or retail store, our LVT will provide a reliable and luxurious addition to your layout. […]

Wood Vinyl Flooring: All Pros, No Cons

Wooden flooring is tempting. It’s beautiful and classic, but can be painstakingly difficult to maintain and care for. The wood itself is somewhat of sensitive material. It can warp and swell if not properly sealed, and can stain without the appropriate cleaning treatment. Here at Rikett, we offer our residential and commercial customers a happy […]

Benefits of Choosing Quartz Floor Tile

Choosing a floor tile can seem like a daunting task, especially in a commercial environment. You need to select a design that matches the decor, but that’s not all you need to focus on. It’s also important to choose a material that will stand the test of time and won’t expose you or your customers […]

Rikett is Perfect for Dormitory Flooring

quartz tile flooring

One of our top priorities is bringing our customers a product that is high quality and works perfectly in their desired setting. One of the trickier settings is dormitories. They require the durability of commercial floors but also need to be comfortable and hospitable enough for students to feel at home during their time in […]

Vinyl Tiles v. Quartz Tiles: What’s Right for You?

Here at Rikett, we understand that different rooms call for different flooring. These needs can vary from a simple color choice down to the material used. We offer two main products: vinyl tiles and quartz tiles. Which tile you choose heavily depends on the intended use because each one has different properties. Read on to […]