3 More Key Characteristics for Assisted Living Flooring

assisted living flooring
The purpose of an assisted living facility is to create a safe and comfortable environment for seniors to call home with access to the care they need. When designing or renovating an assisted living facility, you have to consider how all aspects of the building will affect the residents’ day-to-day lives and overall care. We have covered some reasons why
Rikett Quartz Tile is an excellent choice for assisted living flooring in an earlier blog post, but there are more characteristics than we could include in a single article.


Here are three more essential criteria of assisted living flooring that Rikett Quartz Tile also meets.


Level Surface

Mobility is a primary concern for seniors, and you want to remove any potential trip hazards. Many residents will use walkers, canes, or wheelchairs, and uneven surfaces that wouldn’t worry a younger person can be dangerous for seniors. Quartz tiles are durable and resistant to cracking, so your floor will have a level, safe surface. The large format tiles limit seams, and the many color options allow you to use different designs in different rooms without interrupting the floor’s surface.


Low-Contrast Patterns

As we age, our eyesight changes and affects how we perceive colors and patterns. On average, seniors see 20% less color saturation, and their eyes skew color to the yellow spectrum. A high-contrast pattern can look like an obstacle on the floor to older residents and disorient them. Bold stripes can appear to be moving, and light spots on a dark surface can look like something that needs to be picked up rather than part of the floor pattern. Low-contrast patterns in light colors are the safest choice as they will not disorientate the senior residents.


Resistant to Moisture

Flooring that is water-resistant is important for easy cleanup and maintenance, but moisture resistance has other benefits as well. If moisture can penetrate the floor, that creates the conditions for water damage, cracking, and bacterial growth. Flooring materials that resist moisture will help contribute to a safe environment for your residents.


Rikett Quartz Tile | Assisted Living Flooring

Choosing the right assisted living flooring is essential to creating a safe and comfortable home for your senior residents. With Rikett Quartz Tile, you can be confident that your residents will be cared for from the ground up.


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