How to Care for Your Retail Flooring After the Holiday Rush

retail flooring

The holiday shopping season has nearly come to an end, and store owners are preparing to return to business as usual. With the increase in foot traffic, your store flooring has experienced more wear than throughout the rest of the year, and it may be visible in high-traffic areas. When the post-holiday lull hits next week, you can take advantage of the relative quiet to give your retail flooring a little much-needed TLC.


Here’s what you can do to care for your retail flooring after the end of the holiday rush.


Restore Your Displays

Most stores set up special displays to show off seasonal products or highlight sale items. Once the season has passed or those sales are over, your staff will restore your floor displays to their usual setup. Moving those displays reveals the dirt and debris that collected in areas that are usually open. Spend a little extra time cleaning the floor in those spots, as the routine cleaning during the holiday season will have worked around them. 


Address High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas always need the most attention when it comes to cleaning and maintaining retail flooring, especially after the holiday rush. More feet than usual have been treading on your floors, and you may even see visible signs of wear. If you need to replace any flooring, choose a resilient and easy-to-maintain material, such as Rikett Quartz Tile. After the holiday rush is also a good time to replace or thoroughly clean the floor mats near the entrances and exits.


Adjust Your Cleaning Schedule

With a reduction in foot traffic and the restoration of your regular layout, you will likely want to adjust your cleaning schedule. Your floors require more frequent cleaning during the holiday season because of the influx of additional customers. Now that business has slowed to a less hectic pace, you can go back to your cleaning routine for the rest of the year. However, don’t forget that winter weather is still a factor in much of the country, and you’ll have to account for the water and road sand that customers track in.


Upgrade Your Retail Flooring with Rikett Quartz Tile

If your retailing flooring needs and upgrade after the holiday season, you won’t do better than Rickett Quartz Tile. Our resilient flooring is easy to install and even easier to clean and maintain. Save your business time and money by using Rikett Quartz Tile for your retail floors.


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