Enhancing Your Quartz Tile

Quartz tile is a resilient and stylish flooring choice. If you are looking to have it installed in your facility, you are going to want to ensure it is going to look its best. You should also unlock its potential.

Follow the tips below to enhance your quartz tile and maintain it. Be sure to contact Rikett America for affordable, varied flooring choices.



Daily maintenance

This is one of the most obvious and effective steps to take when you are taking care of just about anything. It is even more important for flooring, since it comes into contact with anyone who occupies the space in which it is installed.

A quick soap and water treatment a few times a week will keep the flooring looking very good and remove any of the excess dirt that trickles in. Use more robust commercial flooring solutions for more serious messes.


Quality adhesive

When the flooring is about to be installed, do your homework. You want to make sure an expert is available to do the job properly. Also, it is important to ensure the process is done with care.

A quality adhesive is necessary for a strong and enduring installation. It is a necessary component of the process that will allow the flooring to stand the test of time.


Dress up the room

It may not seem important, but where the flooring is installed is just as important as the flooring itself in terms of aesthetic. If the room does not match or compliment the flooring, it is going to look strange. Or, at the very least, bury the flooring into the background.

Figure out what color schemes and interior finishes are going to allow the floor to shine. Play with room spacing as well. Try new ways to maximize the useable space. It will allow the flooring to be present and noticeable.


Stock up on recommended cleaning products

Though soap and water will often do the trick with quartz tile, some messes can get a bit more complicated and require a bit more TLC than a simple wash. For the tougher jobs, a powerful cleaner is needed  to do the trick.

Find a strong cleaner that is going to work well with the flooring. Have it stowed away for any time a serious mess comes along. Do your homework: tile flooring can be very sensitive. It is also imperative that the chemicals used to clean it will not damage its makeup.


Tread lightly

Much like daily maintenance, this is a common-sense practice that will pay off and extend the life of the flooring. Keeping any hazards away from the surface in the first place is going to prevent any safety issues that might arise.

Avoid bringing in dirt, salt, asphalt or other damaging elements, and also be sure to not allow anything dangerous or hazardous to come into contact with the surface. Plenty of cracks or stains can arise if the flooring is neglected.



Enhancing your flooring is going to make the tile look its best, and also ensure that it has plenty of staying power. Look into the tips above, and contact Rikett at (855)-745-3887 for excellent flooring, installation, and more!