Wood Toned LVT for Every Room in Your Home

Although it phased out of fashion for a while, it seems like hardwood floors are back in a big way. Not only do they bring an essence of style and elegance into your home, but they can also be easier to maintain and look brighter than carpet. But real hardwood floors can be a challenge all on their own. Real wood requires staining, careful cleaning, and regular maintenance. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Here at Rikett, we offer a line of luxury vinyl tiles that look and feel like hardwood, without all the hassle.

What kind of wood luxury vinyl tiles you choose is entirely up to you, but we’ve been in business for a while, let us give you some tips. Although we have sixteen different options, they can be categorized into two kinds: dark wood and light wood.

Dark Wood

Dark wood, like walnut, oak, and Brazilian cherry, are perfect for making your home seem warmer. They pair well with dark red or darker neutral paint on the walls. Although it would look beautiful in any room of the house, it will make your living room feel more welcoming. Adding a darkly toned luxury vinyl tile can make any room feel relaxed and cozy. In the kitchen, dark wood can make a marble countertop stand out.

Light Wood

Light wood, like Rainier cherry, Scandinavian maple, and teak, perfectly compliment light colored cabinets and dark furniture. In a living room or bedroom, light wood flooring makes space feel clean and refreshing. It works well in a place with lots of light and minimalistic furniture. The bright color can also make the room appear bigger, so it works well in spaces with high ceilings and windows.

When you choose a wood toned luxury vinyl tile, you can be sure you’re getting the elegance of hardwood and the simplicity of a vinyl tile. All of our products are durable and can withstand the rigor of everyday life. Turn every room in your home into one you enjoy being in with Rikett luxury vinyl flooring. Visit our site here to check out our inventory.