Rikett Quartz Tiles For Retail

The holiday season is creeping closer each day, but the holiday shopping season is well underway. If you’re working in retail, what are you asking for this holiday? If it’s new flooring for your store, you’re in the right place. Rikett quartz tiles are a durable, stylish solution to stand up to those Black Friday deal grabbers.

Why Quartz?

Our product, RQT, was designed as an alternative to homogenous tiles made from asbestos in carbonite. Our founders, Rieber & Sons and Tarkett, we’re on the forefront of the environmental wave. In the 1950s, they decided to use quartz – an abundant natural mineral – to eliminate the health and environmental concerns associated with asbestos. What they discovered was that quartz tiles were far superior to their counterparts in strength, performance, and flexibility.

Quartz in Retail

Retail flooring sees a lot of heavy foot traffic, not to mention the weight of displays, equipment, and the merchandise itself. That, in combination with little downtime, means it can be hard to keep up the maintenance necessary for traditional flooring. Our RQT is more durable than other options, meaning it can withstand more traffic & weight. This minimizes downtime required for repairs and can ensure your store stays open as much as possible during the holiday shopping season.

En Vogue

Looks matter, especially in retail. Lucky for you, our Rikett Quartz Tiles come in a variety of styles and designs to match the aesthetic of any store, from a cost-effective grocer to an upscale boutique. We carry everything from natural tones to bright colors.

We understand the demands of retail flooring. After being in business for over sixty years, our knowledge can help you choose the flooring that’s right for you. Visit our site here to check out our inventory of RQT styles, or give us a call at  855-Rikett-7.