The Benefits of Quartz Tile Flooring

quartz flooring

Looking to get quartz tile installed? In the past couple of years, quartz flooring has become a big trend in the world of commercial flooring. Our team at Rikett has put together a list of some of the reasons quartz flooring became so big, in addition to some of the benefits behind the stone. 


What is Quartz Tile?

Quartz tile is a natural flooring solution and material that is made using quartz minerals. This makes it naturally one of the hardest resilient flooring materials on Earth. It is a perfect solution for commercial spaces, especially spaces with heavy amounts of foot traffic and daily wear. 


The Benefits of Quartz Tile Flooring

Before going out and getting any new flooring, it is essential to look into precisely what you should expect from it. Some of the benefits of getting a quartz floor is:


  • It’s incredibly durable.

Quartz is one of the most durable materials in the world. Most will find that it is tough to scratch, crack, or chip. It can also handle high levels of foot traffic without being worn down, which means the material will last longer. 

  • Customizable.

It is hard to find quartz flooring that won’t match the setting or style of your home. Quartz flooring can be made colored to fit the style of your home or office setting, which means that it would make a perfect fit into the aesthetic that you maintain. 

  • Low Maintenance

Quartz Flooring takes very low maintenance to keep up with. This means that there is no scheduled maintenance involved with maintaining the appearance of your flooring. Unlike other natural stones, quartz does not need sealing or waxing to make sure that it is protected from things such as stains or mildew. 

  • Quartz is environmentally friendly. 

Quartz is inherently environmentally friendly due to it being made out of material that comes directly from the Earth. It normally features a longer replacement life and is even recyclable if you decide to change it up again. 


Getting Your New Floor from Rikett America

For centuries, Rikett has been a go-to spot to get quartz flooring materials. Whether it is being featured in a school, healthcare facility, commercial business, or more, you will find that it would be the perfect fit for anywhere! Ready to make the switch? Contact us today at 855-745-3887.