Step Up Your Flooring Game With LVT

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When it comes to flooring options, why not choose LVT? Rikett’s multi-layered, luxury vinyl tile is stable and superior in durability. After all, LVT is a popular and attractive option for both residential and commercial flooring applications. Plus, with the number of design options, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget and aesthetic. After all, with the design quality of luxury vinyl tile, many people might not even realize what it is just by looking at it. Right from the Rikett experts, here’s what we can guarantee.


Ready for all budgets


One of the most attractive selling points of luxury vinyl tile is the price. It’s affordable and is easy to maintain, lowering the total cost of ownership and putting more money back into your pocket. While prices can vary depending on the tile’s style or, thickness you’ll still be able to find something perfect for your needs.


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Plenty of options


As we lightly touched upon before, LVT comes in a variety of design options. From Rikett, you can find wood, stone, and abstract designs that look both natural and extraordinary. Plus, if you’re interested in texture, we can help with that too! Our RESO LVT has both smooth and textured emboss options, depending on which style tile you choose.


Keeping it clean 


Maintaining your floor has never been easier. The vinyl tiles are topped with our Rikettseal™ commercial-grade polyurethane coating. Thus, the vinyl tiles offer a durable, low-cost, no wax, easy maintenance flooring surface. Therefore, your new flooring will be resilient and capable of handling anything you throw at them. Furthermore, the clear, resilient wear layer, containing bio-based plasticizers, is designed for long-term wear, ensuring the underlying print design will stay sharp and clear.


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Durability is key


We’ve mentioned it a lot so far. Our LVT flooring is durable! It can withstand daily wear and tear without damage or losing integrity over time, making it an excellent choice for commercial environments. The multiple layers of clean, resilient polymers and bio-based plasticizers form a stable tile that’s designed to withstand heavy traffic and rolling loads.


Rikett’s Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring


If you’ve been searching for a flooring solution that far succeeds the competition, look no further. For more information, give our team at Rikett a call today at (855) 745-3887.