What to Expect from Rikett Flooring

Flooring is an industry that requires plenty of attention to detail.  It is important to have confidence in whoever installs it in your space. Otherwise, you may be left with a vulnerable or shoddy product. Poor flooring can compromise safety, and will be very frustrating to contend with. However, there are plenty ofquartz tile ways Rikett can assist you with quartz tile flooring needs. You can have confidence in their ability and flooring. Find out what you can expect when you call on Rikett below!


Quality Material

Material is the very foundation of flooring.  It needs to be strong enough to contend with plenty of force and damagers. Rikett Quartz Tile is comprised of eco-friendly, strong, and highly stain resistant material.  Quartz is made to last, and will most definitely stand the test of time. It is also highly durable, a big plus for heavy traffic commercial spaces.



Settling for static, typical colors in your flooring is a thing of the past once you collaborate with Rikett. Thanks to quartz tile’s flooring ability to take on a wide variety of hues, there are ample flooring colors you can choose from. If you are looking for a much more expressive option for your flooring, this is the type of flooring you need.  LVT floors also provide you with a  variety of patterns and colors to choose from.



Do you want to find a more “green,” or safe flooring option? You can be confident of your flooring’s environmental impact when you enlist the help of Rikett. Their flooring passes safety and environmental testing.  Made from materials that are bio-based and durable, it is eco-friendly in both its composition and useful life.  Rikett’s flooring is a choice you can be confident in and trust to have a positive impact on the environment.

When you are ready to install new flooring, Rikett is a company you can trust. With over 60 years of experience, quality products at competitive prices are a guarantee.  Whether Rikett Quartz Tile or RESO Luxury Vinyl Tile, your living or commercial space will have quality flooring in a snap. Call Rikett at (855)-745-3887 or visit them online and leave your next project to the experts.