Healthcare Flooring Needs

Healthcare offices see a lot of different situations on a daily basis. From emergency rooms and hospitals to the eye doctor, each space is dramatically different. Even though these services cater to a broad audience and each day brings new situations, they all have similar needs to be met. Turn to Rikett for all your healthcare flooring needs.


The primary goal for most healthcare facilities is, of course, to treat their patients and make them comfortable and to promote healing. Creating a healthy environment for them to relax and feel safe in can aid in this process, and installing a well-designed floor that supports both patients and staff can be key. We offer a variety of styles and designs to make any room more aesthetically appealing

Easy to Clean

As we stated, healthcare flooring faces some unique situations. From medical procedures to everyday wear and tear, hospitals and other similar facilities need flooring that is easy to clean. All of our products have an industrial grade polyurethane coating, meaning a little disinfectant and soap can go a long way in taking care of almost any mess. Further, the covering means once the mess is gone, it’s gone. There won’t be any stains left behind.

Slip Resistant

Healthcare buildings and offices are hectic places. With all the hustle and bustle, you want flooring that won’t become hazardous on a regular basis. Quartz tile flooring is an excellent choice because it’s slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

Whether you’re deciding to put new flooring in a hospital, dentist office, or other specialties, quartz flooring from the professionals here at Rikett fulfill all of your needs. We have over sixty years and two billion square feet of experience to prove it. Give us a call at 855-Rikett-7 for more information.