Quartz Tiles Are Perfect for Travel

Here at Rikett, we understand how important flooring is for your business. You want something aesthetically pleasing, but also sturdy and durable. Our products are perfect for everything from commercial retail spaces, to industrial flooring, to airports. We provide a robust and durable quartz tile that’s perfect for an array of settings.

High Traffic

The number one thing to consider when you’re installing flooring in airports and train stations is the amount of traffic you’re going to see. Thousands of people walk through your station daily, toting heavy bags, children, and sometimes pets. Fun fact: Grand Central Station services more than 750,000 people each day – can your current flooring handle that kind of traffic?

Slip Resistant

Travelers are always in a rush. We’re not entirely sure why, but everyone seems to go a little crazy when they have to catch a plane. That being said, they’re probably not being too careful about where they’re going or that their suitcase’s two wheels are remaining firmly planted on the ground. Choosing a quartz tile that’s slip resistant and easy to clean means your travelers can get where they need to go, without taking a tumble on the way there.

It’s Pretty

We’re not saying looks are everything, but travelers often spend a lot of time in your waiting areas – don’t you want it to look nice? Even if you offer the most highly rated travel services, you’ll still lose business if you’re not visually appealing. Here at Rikett, we offer a ton of options for your flooring, so you’re sure to find a design that suits your space.

There you have it. Quartz tiles are perfect for airports, train stations, and other frequently visited areas. The durability can hold its own against high traffic, it’s slip resistant, and it’s easy on the eyes. For more information about how to install a Rikett flooring product in your home, give us a call at 855-Rikett-7.