Importance of Cleanliness in Healthcare Flooring

There’s no question that cleanliness and sanitation are paramount in healthcare. Making sure you appropriately disinfect all surfaces and dispose of hazardous waste properly minimizes the risk for spreading illness and harmful bacteria. Although you’re likely doing all that you can in your facility, are there areas you can improve? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought, but installing Rikett’s quartz tile is perfect for healthcare flooring.

Low Moisture Absorption

Quartz is a relatively non-porous material, which is ideal in a healthcare setting. Since the floor won’t absorb moisture, there is minimal staining in the event of a spill or accident. When a mess is cleaned up, you can feel good that you removed the hazard in its entirety, and there isn’t any potential harm lingering.

Resists Shrinkage

RQT also excels in preventing shrinkage over time. Not only does this keep your healthcare flooring in perfect condition over time, but it also reduces the surface area in which bacteria can grow.

No Wax

Although the importance of sanitation can’t be diminished, keeping your floors clean is also essential for general safety. For further protection, we offer Rikettseal, which is a polyurethane coating that can extend the life of your floor. This minimal maintenance coating is easy to clean and wax free. Once a spill is cleaned up, it’ll be as good as new!

OSHA and ADA Slip Resistance

Our tiles exceed OSHA and ADA standards for slip resistance, so you can feel safe that our floors won’t become slippery over time. Good slip resistance protects both patients and employees from potential slip-and-fall injuries. We understand how busy healthcare buildings can be, and you don’t need another thing to worry about.

At Rikett, we pride ourselves on over fifty years of supplying healthcare flooring. We feel good that our hard work and high-quality products aid in the health and wellbeing of all our customers. For more information, please call 855-Rikett-7.