Choosing Colors for Healthcare Floors

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Color affects us in more ways than we realize. It can communicate with us by way of association, or it can affect our mood, inspiring calm and discouraging anxiety. Although it is difficult to prove for certain that particular colors have certain effects on people, there is enough anecdotal evidence to support the idea. In healthcare facilities, the colors that you choose are very important, as patients and their families may be spending a lot of time in a room, often under distressing circumstances. Choosing the right colors for your healthcare floors can make a significant difference in how they experience their time in your facility.


Here are a few things to consider when choosing colors for your healthcare floors.


Natural Color Palettes

Soft natural tones—such as greens, blues, and browns—have a calming effect on patients and their families. These colors are good for patient rooms as they can reduce the feelings of stress that are unavoidable when faced with a hospital stay. Even with neutral tones, you want to avoid harsher hues. For example, there’s nothing wrong with choosing white tiles for a floor. But you want to opt for a softer off-white that is broken up by other colors. A harsh, solid bright white will reinforce the institutional, antiseptic feel that people find off-putting about healthcare facilities.


Low Contrast

Another way to use color to help patients stay calm and comfortable is to choose colors with low contrast. That means choosing colors that are in the same family and visually flow into each other. For example, if your floor tiles are muted light greens and browns, you don’t want to throw a bright blue in there. High-contrast color schemes are mentally stimulating, which can create the opposite effect of the calming environment you are trying to achieve.



There are, however, circumstances in which you want to make an exception to the general rule of low-contrast, natural color palettes. For example, in spaces where children are being treated, you want to include bright primary colors. Bright colors encourage kids to be active and creative. Stimulating colors foster a positive environment and help children feel that they are in a warm and welcoming place.


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