What Makes Great Retail Flooring?

retail flooring

Selecting the right retail flooring can be challenging. It has to be a material that is both functional and attractive. Store owners don’t want to spend the time and money to replace their floors every few years, but they also don’t want something bland or unpleasant-looking that will ruin their customers’ experiences. You might think that no flooring could possibly meet these standards, but we have one that can: Rikett Quartz Tile!


Here are some of the characteristics of quartz tile that make it great for retail flooring.


Durable and Long-Lasting

Whether you have a large store or a small shop, a lot of people walk through it every day. In larger retail spaces, like malls and grocery stores, you have to deal with wear and tear from more than just foot traffic. Strollers, wheelchairs, shopping carts, and more roll through your store every day. RQT contains 70% natural quartz, which is a very hard and durable material. RQT floors will last as long as your building with only routine maintenance.


Safe and Easy to Clean

When it comes to any location that is open to the public, maintaining a clean and safe environment is key. RQT has a very low absorption rate, which makes it easy to clean and does not promote the growth of infectious organisms. To improve RQT’s durability and cleanliness, we can add Rickettseal™, which is a commercial-grade UV-cured polyurethane coating. Rickettseal™ provides a low-cost, no wax, and easy-to-maintain surface. Installing RQT flooring makes it easy to clean up spills, avoid stains, and prevent the spread of bacteria.


Aesthetically Pleasing

When we think of durable, practical flooring, we usually visualize something drab and unattractive. But you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for function with RQT. We have several colors and patterns available so you can match your store’s style and color scheme. Our 24” x 24” tiles also allow for design flexibility. You can even combine solid and chip colors!


Have Great Retail Flooring with RQT

RQT combines all the features of practical, durable flooring with attractive styling options. It’s the flooring solution for your retail space that combines practicality and style.


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