Four Ways To Make The Most of a Flooring Project

One of the essential components of a well-made space is resilient flooring. Without it, there would be plenty of room for accidents, mess, and error. A flooring project doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, however. You can take some time to make the most of it – whether you’re using it for a healthcare facility or school.



1.) Buy From People You Can Trust

You want to be sure that the flooring you buy has quality and comes from a reputable place like Rikett. When you invest in flooring that is made well and fits into the area that you will install it in. It makes the rest of the process easier and well worth your time.


2.) Get Creative With It

Don’t be afraid to buy resilient flooring with fun patterns. They’re fun, vibrant, and add character to the facility. The world has seen plenty of tiles, so make yours stand out and look the best it can! Don’t be afraid to make the project expressive.


3.) Prepare Beforehand

Take the time to get precise measurements, clean the area, and other prep work before flooring gets installed. It may seem mundane, but doing what you can to prepare for a flooring project before laying tiles makes the entire process more effective.


4.) Consult Experts

Unless you’re a professional, you shouldn’t attempt to install a floor by yourself. Turn to folks like Rikett and figure out what needs to happen for your new flooring to get delivered, installed and looking its best. Otherwise, you may cause more damage than it’s worth!



A flooring project is an opportunity to assess a facility, get creative, and learn more about flooring. When you require expert installation and resilient flooring, look no further than Rikett. For more information about our company and floor options, give us a call at (855)-745-3887!