Quartz Tile: The Comeback Kid of 2022

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Here’s what we’re looking forward to in the year of quartz tile. 

Are you looking to update your commercial space with quartz flooring? Whether you are looking to get rid of outdated décor (carpeting, laminate flooring), or you’re building a new commercial space, Rikett Quartz TIle is the perfect option! Rikett has been providing luxury quartz tile options for every commercial space. 

Styles for 2022

Are you hoping for a modern look in your retail space? Maybe you need something chic that is also durable. Either way, Rikett offers a wide selection of quartz tile to upgrade your office or retail space. 

Some trending styles include:

  • Marble: Bring a classic statement into any setting with the look of marble. Our RQT has the look and cut of natural marble.
  • Stone: Real slate and travertine are classic in look, but they can add up in expense. Quartz offers the look of classic stone, and it’s just as durable!
  • Concrete/Camo: Realism has never been more extensive, and with concrete trends entering commercial and retail spaces, you can add this trendy look for less. 


Why We Love RQT

At Rikett, we understand the necessity of having durable and sustainable flooring. Our RQT line of quartz is manufactured with natural quartz minerals; it won’t break or crack like those other products!

  • While the authentic look of stone or concrete flooring is nice, diamond is the hardest mineral at a 10! So no wear and tear on these tiles. 
  • Save money! Our Rikettseal™ enhanced, commercial-grade UV cured polyurethane coating is durable and low-cost. No wax means easy maintenance! Simply clean with a neutral cleaner.
  • We build sustainable products made of 100% recyclable materials, that are environmentally friendly and safeNo-waste manufacturing process

Want to learn more about our products? Check out a full range of our RQT options! 


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Quartz Tile for Your Space

Since 1952, Rikett has been a reliable provider of commercial Rikett Quartz Tile flooring. Whether featured in a commercial business, a retail space, or more, you will find that it would be the perfect fit!


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