Protect Your Commercial Flooring from Winter Salt and Sand

commercial flooring

Winter will be here before we know it, and in many parts of the country, that means salt and sand will be tracked all over our floors. Not only does salt leave unsightly white stains on your flooring, but it also deteriorates and damages the floor. How easy it is to prevent this kind of damage to your commercial flooring largely depends on what kind of floors you have. When it comes to floors that will withstand salt and sand, there are few materials that compare to Rikett quartz tile.

But even if your commercial flooring is RQT, caring for it in the winter is still important. Here’s what you can do to protect your floors from winter grit.


Adjust your cleaning routine.

Because customers, employees, and visitors are constantly in and out of your commercial space, you should already have a regular cleaning schedule. With the addition of salt and sand that people track in from the winter roads, you’ll want to step up your cleaning routine. To keep salt from sitting on your floors, increasing the frequency of your cleaning routine is a must.


Don’t let puddles sit.

Saltwater can dull and damage the surface of your floors. While you can’t completely keep water from getting inside your commercial building, you can make sure that wet spots are cleaned up quickly. You can also put mats down to absorb much of the moisture that would otherwise end up on the floor. Depending on the kind of businesses or facilities that are in your commercial building, you will want to make sure that you only place mats where it is safe to do so. You should also be careful to only use non-slip mats that will not cause trip hazards or potentially damage your floor.


Don’t forget preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance will also go a long way to protecting your commercial flooring from winter salt and sand. When you choose RQT for your commercial flooring, you get the added advantage of Rikettseal™. This enhanced, commercial-grade UV-cured polyurethane coating makes maintaining your floor easy year-round. You only need to use a neutral cleaner on this durable, no-wax surface. You can recoat with polyurethane after many years of use, if needed.


commercial flooring

RQT: Commercial Flooring That Holds Up Year-Round

Don’t let the winter salt and sand damage your commercial flooring. Replace or upgrade your floors with Rikett quartz tile and have pristine and beautiful floors throughout the year.


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