Is RQT the Right Choice for Healthcare Flooring?

healthcare flooring

All aspects of healthcare facilities must meet very high standards, and that includes the flooring. When choosing the material for healthcare flooring, there are several factors you need to consider. There are of course the requirements for sanitation and preventing infection, but there are other concerns as well. Healthcare facilities need flooring that is durable and easy to clean. You also want it to look nice. Patients and families undergo difficult and stressful situations, and everything you can do to improve their environment helps.

Let us explain how Rikett Quartz Tile meets all those criteria and is an excellent choice for healthcare flooring.


Safe and Sterile

In healthcare, safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance. Quartz tile has a low moisture absorption rate, which gives it high stain resistance. It also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and infectious organisms. RQT is also dimensionally stable, so it resists shrinkage, reducing gaps and seams where bacteria can hide. Rikett tiles also meet very high performance standards. RQT meets or exceeds ADA slip coefficient of friction regulations and has exceptional fire and smoke ratings, a 3,500 psi rating, and a 20-year limited wear warranty.



As a non-porous and low moisture absorbing material, quartz tile is very easy to clean and maintain. RQT is also durable and will hold up in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the 24” x 24” tile design makes repairs easy if they are necessary. If you run a busy healthcare facility, you don’t want to have to close off a room or area because the floor needs repairs. If necessary, you can replace a damaged individual tile, making repairs faster and easier. Quartz is a hard and durable material, so the risk of damaging the flooring in the first place is quite low.


Design Options

Employees, patients, and families can spend a lot of time in healthcare facilities, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. Installing flooring with an attractive design can go a long way to make them feel more comfortable, even if it seems like a little thing. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must stay sterile and that can make them feel cold and impersonal. With the many colors and design options available with RQT, you can install an attractive floor while still meeting safety and cleanliness standards.


healthcare flooring

Improve Healthcare Flooring with RQT

If you are installing or replacing the floor in a healthcare facility, Rikett Quartz Tile is among the best options available. It is easy to clean and maintain and has many design options. You can keep your patients safe and make them feel comfortable when you choose RQT for your healthcare flooring.


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