The Importance of Flooring Installation Instructions

When working with something as delicate and precise as flooring, making sure every detail gets satisfied is key. From installation to daily maintenance, it is imperative that you do your best to keep flooring in top shape. Details matter, especially when your brand new quartz tile flooring is about to be installed. Following the specific instructions in the installation guide is one way to ensure the installer’s process is correct. It also ensures that your floors stay strong. Below, see why it is so essential to follow set instructions during the installation process.



  • There are Established Facts

These instructions are not just for fun. Plenty of care and consideration goes into the creation of these steps. Industry professionals do a lot of research and development, and extensive testing occurs beforehand to get the details just right. These specific methods are what works according to industry standards, and will keep everything in shape.


  • Unsightly Effects

If your installer does not use the right adhesive or materials, your quartz tile flooring is going to be in for some trouble. Improper adhesives and installation can cause plenty of bumps, some cracks, and plenty of other textural issues that can cause an unsightly appearance in your surface. Installing the correct adhesive is important. Otherwise, this causes some irreversible damage down the line.


  • Liability

If your installer does not read or adhere to instructions, they are liable. The flooring industry demands that its experts abide by the instructions and sort everything according to plan. Installers who fail to follow instructions just may end up losing their jobs and putting their companies out of business. Most importantly, failure to adhere to industry standards – plus, negligence greatly impacts the safety and also the welfare of the property owners and their inhabitants.




Flooring installation is a long and precise practice. Still, it is imperative that you follow all directions. Without attention to detail, your new quartz tile flooring may be unsafe or also have residual appearance effects. When you require new flooring company and proper installation, look no further than Rikett. Give us a call at (855)-745-3887!