Four Things That You May Not Know About LVT

In just about every industry, there’s bound to be something you’ve heard about in passing but don’t know all that well. People know floors. They use them every day and probably have vague knowledge about particular types. However, there is more to flooring like LVT than meets the eye that you may not have known.



1.) Europe Was Ahead of the Curve

Though we’re just getting used to luxury vinyl tile in America, it’s nothing new to Europeans. After calculating costs and experimenting with materials, they concluded that this type of flooring was a winner and costs much less to manufacture than other materials. Europe is currently ahead of the world as an early adopter and user of the new Rigid Core LVT technology.


2.) You Have Plenty of Choices

One of the most exciting things about LVT flooring is just how customizable it is. You can choose from abstract patterns, wood-inspired designs, and several types of surfaces in-between. You don’t have to settle for stock designs that seem a bit uninspired when you can find the model of your dreams!


3.) It Undergoes Rigorous Testing

Before it even hits the sales floor, luxury vinyl tile is put through rigorous tests to ensure its quality. Rikett uses a third-party to test the flooring following consumer tests. The tests occur with consumer safety in mind, and floors only get produced when they pass performance tests beforehand.


4.) You’ll See It Everywhere

Since it is resilient, stylish flooring, there’s a high chance you’ve seen this type of flooring up close and personal. It can get applied to both commercial and residential spaces and is very common in schools across the country.



LVT flooring is a remarkable stylistic choice that will satisfy you. Rikett is happy to help you find the floor of your dreams, so call us at (855)-745-3887 and see what we can do for you today!