Choosing Resilient Flooring for High-Traffic Spaces

resilient flooring

Whether it’s a medical facility, school, retail store, or another commercial or industrial space, any high-traffic area needs resilient flooring. From foot traffic to spills, wheelchairs to forklifts, floors in educational, commercial, or industrial facilities have to put up with a lot and last a long time. If you need resilient flooring that will last as long as your building, you need Rikett Quartz Tile (RQT). Durable, easy to clean, and attractive, RQT from Rikett is the best flooring out there for spaces that see a lot of traffic.

Here are three reasons to choose RQT.


Withstand anything.

Quartz is one of the strongest natural materials out there, measuring a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. There are few things that Rikett Quartz Tile can’t withstand. Not only will RQT not wear down from heavy foot traffic, but it can also take on pressure of 3,000 PSI. You can drive a forklift across a quartz tile floor and never have to worry about cracking the tile. RQT is also warranted against wear-through for 20 years. If it is well-maintained, RQT flooring can last as long as the building. No matter how often you have to rearrange your retail fixtures or wheel your patients down the hall, quartz tile can take it.


Save time with low maintenance.

While one of the best benefits of quartz tile in general is that it is easy to clean, RQT stands out thanks to Rikettseal™. This enhanced, commercial grade UV cured polyurethane coating makes for a durable, low-cost, no wax, easy maintenance flooring surface. A neutral cleaner is all you need to clean up any spills, puddles, and grime that appear on your floor. You will save yourself and your business time and money without the need to scrub and wax your floors to keep them clean.

Don’t sacrifice design.

Institutional flooring usually brings to mind long hallways of drab, ugly floor tile. With RQT, you don’t have to sacrifice design for functionality. RQT offers premium visual designs and coordinated solid and chip colors. The 24” X 24” tiles allow for design flexibility while minimizing seams. Bold style and functionality don’t have to be mutually exclusive when you choose RQT.


RQT: Resilient Flooring That Designers Love

There’s no need to choose between floors that look good and floors that will last. RQT is a resilient flooring option that perfectly combines function and style. Contact the team at Rikett today to make both your design and maintenance teams happy.


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