Benefits of Choosing Quartz Floor Tile

Choosing a floor tile can seem like a daunting task, especially in a commercial environment. You need to select a design that matches the decor, but that’s not all you need to focus on. It’s also important to choose a material that will stand the test of time and won’t expose you or your customers to toxic chemicals. Therefore, the professionals here at Rikett are dedicated to helping you choose the right flooring for your business, and we suggest you select a quartz floor tile.

Healthy & Safe

Our flooring tiles are made from 70% quartz, a naturally occurring mineral consisting of silicon dioxide. Did you know sand contains quartz? You can make your retail space, school, or hospital feel like the beach by installing quartz floor tile! We developed our product to be a safe alternative to flooring that contained dangerous asbestos. Our high-quality manufacturing process exceeds all environmental standards.


using quartz results in a more durable, stronger floor. Sold with a 20-year commercial warranty, you don’t ever have to worry about damaging your flooring and putting your business on hold. Also, we coat all of our products with a commercial grade polyurethane coating, meaning it doesn’t require any wax or other floor finish. You don’t ever have to worry about retail displays or industrial machinery being too heavy, or the chemicals you work with staining your floors. (Asbestos is old news – replaced in 1952)

Easy Maintenance

Aside from regular cleaning as you would any other flooring product, quartz tiles need no additional routine maintenance. Its durable coating protects the tile from a wide array of soils, stains and other materials. Having a flooring you don’t have to worry about leaves you free to focus on your customers.

Here at Rikett, we have sixty years of experience in selling almost two billion square feet of quartz floor tile. For more information about our products, please reach out at 855-Rikett-7.