How to Avoid Damage to Quartz Tile Flooring

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Quartz tile is one of the most resilient flooring materials available, but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. No matter how resilient your flooring is, you still have to take steps to maintain it and avoid damage. Rikett Quartz Tile is a durable flooring option that can last as long as your building if you are diligent about maintenance and cleaning routines. In general, the best way to avoid damage is to keep up with preventive maintenance and cleaning routines.


Here are some simple ways to keep your resilient flooring in good shape.


Use appropriate and consistent maintenance routines.

Different types of flooring materials have different maintenance requirements. For example, the techniques and cleaning solutions that you use on wood flooring are different from what you use on quartz tile. On RQT, all you need to use is a neutral cleaner to keep your floors nice and clean. But you shouldn’t wait until your floors are visibly dirty to clean them. Establish a consistent routine based on the traffic inside your building and the time of year.


Don’t ignore damage or let stains sit.

The most common cause of major damage to a quartz tile floor is unaddressed minor damage. Despite the resilience and hardness of quartz, it can still suffer damage. For example, dragging heavy furniture across it can cause scratches, or it can crack if something heavy falls on it. As soon as you notice minor damage, you should deal with it immediately before it gets worse. Along the same lines, you should always clean up stains or spills right away. Stains or spills that are allowed to sit will seep into the tile and lead to further damage or permanent staining.


Pay attention to high-traffic areas.

Not every area of your flooring will require the same level of maintenance. Entryways and high-traffic hallways will experience wear sooner than rooms and areas that are often left alone. For example, in a retail store, the main aisles receive more foot traffic than the areas that hold the specialized products. Those areas will need more frequent cleaning and maintenance, and you should keep an eye on them to ensure that they stay in good condition.


Resilient Flooring: Rickett Quartz Tile

For stores, schools, medical facilities, and plenty more institutions, there is no better resilient flooring material than RQT. The natural resilience of quartz combined with Rikett’s innovation makes for high-quality and long-lasting flooring.


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