Do’s and Don’ts of Floor Care

Upkeep of your flooring is imperative to having a functional and safe facility. It becomes unsettling when flooring is neglected. Whether you own quartz tile or Luxury Vinyl Tile , follow these tips to keep them pristine.



DO: Look into the proper maintenance routines for each surface.

It is key to be diligent and do plenty of research when you are looking to take care of flooring. Make sure you search for cleaning methods to ensure their appearance.

Each surface is different, and may require special detail. It is key to know what will work best for your surface. You should implement it so the flooring will stay clean.


DON’T: Use the same solutions for every kind of surface.

This ties into knowing how each surface is different. Improper maintenance and catch-all cleaning agents may damage your flooring, and cause issues that will be difficult to take care of.

Take the extra time and care to look into specific cleaning agents and use proper materials appropriate and recommended for each surface.


DO: Have a professional install it.

Floor installation is not for rookies. It is a job for seasoned professionals. It is necessary to consult with them before you try to do something yourself.

That new quartz tile flooring may be very appealing and ready to go. However, it requires specific preparation and workmanship for a successful installation. A professional is going to do a better job than you will, given their knowledge and experience.


DON’T: Let stains sit.

We all can lead busy lives, and it is easy to forget or push aside small problems. Certainly, the juice stain on the floor can wait while you make an important phone call or tend to another chore?

Well, not necessarily. Stains that sit on your flooring for quite a long time will work their way into the chemical composition and surface of the flooring and may cause damage. It will take just a few moments to remove the stain from your flooring, and will save you plenty of money and damages down the line.


DO: Make the routine consistent.

Floors are consistently walked on, dirtied up, and see a lot of daily scuffs. It is important to keep  floors clean and proper so they are able to shine.

Your floor cleaning routine should be  consistent, so plenty of dirt and other mess makers are able to be taken care of systematically. Sometimes, even a simple soap and water treatment is going to be sufficient. So, you may not always need to make a big production out of things.


DON’T: Ignore damage.

Your floor may get worse over time from even minor damage, if you do not recognize and eliminate the damage on sight. Stains may seep further into the foundation, holes can grow larger from wear, and other neglectful practices lead to too many problems.

Make sure the damage is assessed and taken care of completely – your floor is going to look its best and be in its best shape if you do.



It is important to ensure proper maintenance is given to your flooring. Be sure to follow the above tips and protect your investment. For quality quartz tile, give Rikett Flooring a call at (855)-745-3887 or visit