Commercial Flooring: Choose Sustainability with RQT

Choosing the best material for commercial flooring is no easy task. There is a lot to consider, from price to durability to environmental impact. There are several options that are affordable and have varying degrees of durability, but when it comes to materials that are sustainable, it’s hard to beat quartz. Especially if you choose quartz tile flooring from Rikett. We are committed to providing sustainable commercial flooring that has a positive impact on the environment and meets our customers’ needs.

Here’s how Rikett Quartz Tile lives up to our promise of sustainable commercial flooring.


Quartz is easy to find.

Although quartz is not the only natural material available for commercial flooring, it is one of the most readily available. Quartz is the second most abundant material on earth. That means that manufacturers do not have to source their materials from specific places. Quartz is easy to access and mine effectively around the world, which leads us to yet another benefit. Because it can be found in so many places, quartz often does not need to be shipped over long distances. Sourcing quartz from a local mine reduces the environmental toll throughout the manufacturing process.


Quartz is recyclable.

When we want to know whether a product is eco-friendly, one of the first questions we ask is, is it recyclable? While that’s not the only indicator of sustainability and eco-friendliness, it certainly is an important one. In the case of Rikett Quartz Tile (RQT), the answer is a resounding yes. RQT is 100% recyclable, and we never use recycled materials from unknown sources in our products. Both sustainability and responsibility are important to us.


RQT meets the highest standards.

Speaking of responsibility, we also want our customers to know that we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We use a no-waste manufacturing process and have been “Certified Green” by MAS Labs. RQT also meets multiple LEED v4 values, including low-emitting adhesives and sealants and low-emitting flooring.


Sustainable Commercial Flooring from Rikett

At Rikett, we know that there are multiple options when it comes to commercial flooring materials. But because of the sustainability of quartz tile, plus its many other benefits, we think you’ll agree that RQT is the best option out there.


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