Wood Vinyl Flooring: All Pros, No Cons

Wooden flooring is tempting. It’s beautiful and classic, but can be painstakingly difficult to maintain and care for. The wood itself is somewhat of sensitive material. It can warp and swell if not properly sealed, and can stain without the appropriate cleaning treatment. Here at Rikett, we offer our residential and commercial customers a happy compromise: wood vinyl flooring.

All the Beauty

The main draw of traditional wood flooring is how it looks. There is an infinite number of options when it comes to stain, type of wood, and even how it’s placed on the ground. It’s unique enough that no two pieces look the same, but it all seems to blend and tie the room together seamlessly. We’ve designed a wood vinyl flooring that perfectly captures the natural beauty of wooden flooring without the effort. Our luxury vinyl tiles come in 17 different designs, so you can choose the one that complements your home.

Significantly Less Maintenance

A positive of vinyl flooring is the relatively easy maintenance compared to other options. The most basic way is regular washing with a mop and plain water, though more massive messes may need a little soap. For a more natural clean, you can even use vinegar! Apple cider vinegar will remove dirt and grime, while plain white vinegar can disinfect as well. Traditional hardwood flooring requires carefully chosen cleaners and can scratch fairly easily.

There are very few cleaners that shouldn’t be used on a vinyl floor, but they do exist. You should avoid detergents because they could leave a waxy film on the surface, while abrasives like steel wool can leave behind scratches.

Wood vinyl flooring is the perfect compromise to hardwood flooring. It can withstand heavy traffic areas and everyday messes but still holds up to traditional wood in a beauty contest. For more information, visit our website here to see our inventory of wood vinyl products.