How Rikett Stands Out

Flooring is used in so many spaces, and its  evolution has  fostered many flooring manufacturers. Given how many floor options are out there, it can be hard to narrow down a choice and find the right manufacturer for your needs. They need to stand out, deliver great product, and be attentive. Rikett has been in the business for quite some time, and we have what it takes to stand out. We are a great choice when it comes to quartz tile flooring. The following are some ways we stay unique amongst other manufacturers.



Unique Flooring Options

It is not often that you find a manufacturer that offers something truly unique in the industry. At Rikett  we understand the need for innovative products, so we have perfected quartz tile flooring for our customers. It is one of the most vibrant, customizable, and environmentally friendly options on the market – and we have it readily available, along other exciting and unique floors.


Keeping the Earth In Mind

Keeping the environment intact should be our collective responsibility. Sadly, not every company believes in this, and some do not adhere to market’s prevailing green standards, such as the USGBC’s LEED system, to ensure their products are environmentally friendly. However, Rikett offers products you can have peace of mind about: our floors are certified “green,” by an independent third party lab and we do not use harmful or hazardous chemicals when building our products.



Rikett Flooring began in the 1950’s, and we have not stopped since. Our experience has molded our products, and our travels have taken us to all kinds of areas to install flooring. Since we are so experienced, you can count on us to offer viable solutions  in  many areas that other companies may not be comfortable placing their products.. We have seen it all, and know what works best for different spaces.



If you are considering new flooring, investing in Rikett Flooring is a wise choice. We stand out, offer quality quartz tile flooring, and have the experience you need. For more information, give us a call at 855- Rikett-7 (855)-745-3887 or visit!