Three Things That Impact Flooring Design Production

quartz floor tile

As a company that delivers quality products which help to improve the safety and appearance of commercial buildings across the nation, there are many things to consider before developing a new product.  Here at Rikett, we understand how important it is to get things right and provide the ideal types of flooring solutions for our customers. Thus, before we begin a new design, there are a few items which need attending.  These are just a few of the areas that are considered before we put our quartz floor tile, and other flooring products on the market.



One of our biggest concerns is to ensure optimal safety for our customers and potential clients. Whether it is through innovative green measures or durable materials, we take the time to assess how safe our floors are and what we need to do to make them as safe as possible for customers.  Beyond commercial buildings, the importance of patients in healthcare facilities is another market we cater to.



Markets are constantly changing.  This is true even for commercial flooring that may seem relatively static.  At Rikett, we stay on top of current trends.  By doing so, this allows us to provide the colors and material selection that is of interest to consumers.  It’s important to consider what consumers desire before creating a new product.  This helps us to design the flooring solution to the desired outcome you seek!



Another aspect we consider before designing a floor is the optimal environments for use. For example, a wooden floor from another company wouldn’t be ideal in a hospital setting as well as our safe, durable quartz floor tile would be. The application of our flooring impacts the design in almost every aspect, and we ensure that it will properly function in the designated area.


These are just a few items that influence our design process.  Always excited to move forward with trends and innovate, our team strives to produce quality flooring solutions that will better any environment.  From commercial to healthcare, our high-quality flooring is the solution you can count on.  For more information, contact us today at (855)-745-3887.