Wood Toned LVT for Every Room in Your Home

Although it phased out of fashion for a while, it seems like hardwood floors are back in a big way. Not only do they bring an essence of style and elegance into your home, but they can also be easier to maintain and look brighter than carpet. But real hardwood floors can be a challenge […]

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Wood Vinyl Flooring: All Pros, No Cons

Wooden flooring is tempting. It’s beautiful and classic, but can be painstakingly difficult to maintain and care for. The wood itself is somewhat of sensitive material. It can warp and swell if not properly sealed, and can stain without the appropriate cleaning treatment. Here at Rikett, we offer our residential and commercial customers a happy […]

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Cleaning Methods For Flooring

Keeping your flooring looking its best is imperative to its appearance and to protect your investment. You want to be sure that your living space looks great, and keeping a clean foundation is key to it. There are a few ways to keep your flooring clean, so know what is best for your flooring and go […]

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How Rikett Stands Out

Flooring is used in so many spaces, and its  evolution has  fostered many flooring manufacturers. Given how many floor options are out there, it can be hard to narrow down a choice and find the right manufacturer for your needs. They need to stand out, deliver great product, and be attentive. Rikett has been in […]

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