Quartz Tile Flooring: A Closer Look At Why It’s the Best Choice

quartz tile flooring



Rikett’s mission as a flooring manufacturer is to offer the best quality products at the most competitive pricing. This allows our company to deliver superior options, like quartz tile flooring, to our clients. With the perfect balance of value, design, and performance, it’s imperative to understand the details to appreciate the solution thoroughly.


Quartz tile flooring construction

One of the best places to start on the journey of knowledge is looking at the construction phase. Below is a brief overview of the process here at Rikett.


  • First, RQT is manufactured with 70% natural quartz minerals. These minerals make the flooring a very hard, durable, and dimensionally stable tile that will not break or tear like other floor tiles.
  • Next, large-format tiles provide premium visual and design flexibility. Furthermore, larger tiles install faster and have fewer seams. Designers and customers love the vibrant colors and coordinated solid and chip pattern product lines.
  • RQT can also be used in heavy commercial and industrial applications with up to 3,500 PSI. Its excellent dimensional stability resists shrinkage and reduces seam gaps where bacteria might hide. RQT does not promote the growth of infectious organisms.
  • Rikettseal ™ enhanced, commercial-grade UV cured polyurethane coating provides a durable, low-cost, no wax, easy maintenance flooring surface that can also be recoated if needed. E. Rikett offers 1-year product defects and a limited 20-year wear-through warranty.


For more information on the specifications with Rikett quartz tile flooring, please click here.


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About Rikett

In 1952, Rieber & Sons and Tarkett founded Rikett. Created to manufacture Rikett Quartz Tile, the company’s vision has always focused on the environment, striving to eliminate the harmful chemical asbestos in homogeneous flooring. Created from an abundant natural mineral, quartz is superior in strength and performance to all other commercial composition floor tiles and sheets. Since Rikett has successfully manufactured and sold more than two billion square feet of RQT worldwide. 

As an alternative VCT, LVT, linoleum, epoxy, and other synthetic solutions, RQT has a proven track record in school applications. From dormitories, student centers, corridors, classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, libraries, and so on, quartz tile flooring is, without question, the smart choice for schools. 


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