Rikett is Perfect for Dormitory Flooring

One of our top priorities is bringing our customers a product that is high quality and works perfectly in their desired setting. One of the trickier settings is dormitories. They require the durability of commercial floors but also need to be comfortable and hospitable enough for students to feel at home during their time in school. Both our quartz and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) fit the bill, and now you have to decide which design is best for your building! Read on to find out how Rikett answers all your dormitory flooring needs.


The primary concern about choosing flooring should be the durability. Dormitory flooring sees a lot of traffic in its life, and probably isn’t taken care of super well. Over the course of a school year, it’ll see heavy furniture being dragged across it, infrequent cleaning, and heavy traffic. Both LVT and quartz products are built to withstand this abuse, but quartz will likely stand up better in the long run.

Easy to Clean

Both LVT and quartz products require minimal maintenance. They are slip resistant and nonporous, so they won’t absorb any liquids that will be spilled on it. Trust us – dorms will see lots of spills over the course of a school year. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about staining. Since neither products will absorb spills, they won’t leave long-term stains once they are cleaned. In the long term, the floors will remain in good condition longer, saving you money in the long run.

Lots of Design Choices

Although dorm floors can be difficult because it has both residential and commercial needs, it is beneficial when it comes to product choices here at Rikett. Since both our quartz and LVT tiles meet your requirements, you have endless design possibilities. We offer various designs, including stone, wood, and other more abstract options.

Choosing flooring for dormitories can be tricky. You don’t want the space to seem cold and unwelcoming, but also select an option that is long lasting and easy to maintain. For more information about dormitory flooring and what options you have, visit our site here.