Rikett Quartz Tile

Durability: Our RQT line of quartz tile flooring manufactured with 70% natural quartz minerals, which make it a very hard, durable and dimensionally stable tile that will not break or tear like other quartz floor tiles. On the MOH’s scale of hardness, Diamonds are the hardest mineral at 10. Quartz measures a 7 on the MOH’s scale. The primary contents for VCT and LVT, Calcium Carbonate or Limestone, measure a 3. On the MOHs scale. Clearly, Quartz is the toughest resilient flooring material.

Design Advantage: Large format tiles, 24” x 24”, offer a premium visual and design flexibility. Larger tiles install faster and have fewer seams. Designers love the vibrant colors and coordinated solid and chip colors.

Performance: RQT can be used in heavy commercial and industrial applications. It has a >3,000 PSI. Its excellent dimensional stability resists shrinkage, reducing seam gaps where bacteria might hide, which is an excellent feature for schools, healthcare facilities and grocery stores. It resists breaking and tearing better than other composition or multi-layer floors. RQT does not promote the growth of infectious organisms. RQT’s absorption rate is 0.3%. VCT absorption can be as high as 13%. RQT’s low absorption helps with stain resistance, cleaning and infectious control.

Maintenance Savings: Rikettseal™ enhanced, commercial grade UV cured polyurethane coating provides for a durable, low-cost, no wax, easy maintenance flooring surface. Simply clean with a neutral cleaner. RQT does not require a sealer. Our quartz tile flooring can be recoated with polyurethane, if needed. RQT offers a lower lifecycle cost and a lower Total Cost of Ownership, (TCO), than VCT and other resilient flooring options.


  • ISO 14001 Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl – No unknown recycled content
  • 100% Recyclable
  • No-waste manufacturing process
  • 3rd Party “Certified Green” by MAS Labs – Low VOC’s
  • CA #1350 VOC Test – Pass: Standard Method V1.1
  • CA – Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), EQ 7.1.2 – Pass
  • LEED v4 Values:
    • MR – 100% recyclable
    • EQc 4.1 Low Emitting Adhesives & Sealants
    • EQc 4.3 Low Emitting Flooring Materials
  • Up to 6% Bio-Based Content

Warranty: Rikett offers a limited product warranty with a 1-year product defects and a limited 20-Year wear-through warranty.