Rikett to Open Flooring Production Line with 4-Meter-Wide Sheet Capability

Rikett America announces its all-new, 4-meter-wide, non-directional, homogeneous sheet production line will be open for business in the North American market by June 2019! This hi-tech, state-of-the-art production line is a trailblazing development in the resilient flooring industry, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

4-meter-wide non-directional sheet flooring without visible seams

Currently, due to machinery limitations, most European and American resilient flooring manufacturers only produce 2-meter-wide, directional, homogeneous sheets. These sheet products are installed with highly visible welded seams about every 6 feet, across the width of a space.

Rikett’s new production line will manufacture non-directional homogeneous sheet in varied widths up to 4 meters widths, which are designed to accommodate seamless installations in most rooms, corridors.

Etc. Corridors will no longer show seams. Flooring visuals will improve dramatically. Rooms will no longer show seams.