How to Diversify Flooring

LVTFlooring can often be seen as a rather static, uninvolved investment that remains mostly neutral. To most, it is just a surface and is not capable of being overly expressive. However, you can be pretty exciting with your flooring choice!

Whether you own Luxury Vinyl Tile, (LVT), or hardwood, there are certainly some ways you can make your flooring more diverse. Below, observe how you can make your flooring more diverse and expressive.



1.) Use Color

Believe it or not, there are plenty of colors available that you can choose from! You do not have to settle for mute color options when you are shopping for some new flooring.
Take a look at different shades, and you will find something new and vibrant that is sure to make a diverse statement.



2.) Play With Sizes

Working with size options can give you some unique dimensions and is a good way to make your flooring much less static. Be sure to see what dimensions you need, but also look at how you can play with different sizes within those parameters.

There are many sizing and cut options available for LVT, so play around and find unique shapes.



3.) Shop Somewhere New

It is fine to have a tried and true place to purchase flooring. If it works well, then you do not necessarily need to change things up. However, you will find more diverse options in different spaces.

Research some new flooring ideas, colors, or other qualifiers and find a new place to offer your business. New ventures will give you plenty of new ideas, options, and more. Exploring is one of the most surefire ways to bring new items and ideas to your attention!



4.) Look for Trends

Everyone has a starting point when they want to make a new change, big or small. For decor, an easy way to start is to look at various publications or other forms of media that offer decorating tips or current trends.

You will be able to explore more trends and other qualities that will make your flooring more unique. It is certainly a quick and simple way to find expressive ideas that you can make your own or install within your living space.



5.) Talk to Experts

Experts are a great resource for plenty of knowledge and tips on how to make their area of expertise work for you. If you know someone who is very well-versed in home decor or flooring, do not be afraid to reach out and pick their brain. You may find that they have new ideas you may not have even thought of, or excellent resources to find further diverse tips and tricks!




Flooring may be seemingly static and basic, but it has plenty of capability to be expressive. Making flooring more diverse is a good way to keep things creative while having a cohesive vibe.

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