Rikett Quartz Tile: Your Ideal Choice for Any Commercial Flooring

When it comes to finding the ideal solution for commercial flooring, not just anything will do. Here at Rikett we have the answer – Rikett Quartz Tile. With top-of-the-line durability, our Rikett Quartz Tile is both long-lasting and affordable making it the obvious choice across the commercial flooring industry. It offers high stain resistance while deterring the growth of bacteria. Here are just a few of the many real-world applications for this exceptional flooring.


Fashionable for Retail Stores


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When it comes to retail flooring it’s important to have a floor that is fashionable and durable. Rikett Quartz Tile comes in a wide variety of styles and colors so that you can personalize your floors to compliment your store. Not only will your floors look incredible but Rikett Quartz Tile’s durability makes it a great option when it comes to damage and stains all while withstanding the foot traffic and large displays.


Practical for Educational Institutions


Whether you are looking for a neutral color pallet or bright accent colors, our Rikett Quartz Tile is the perfect flooring choice for schools or universities! Their highly durable design makes them long-lasting perfect for classrooms, cafeterias, dormitories, gymnasiums, and more. With the ability to withstand massive amounts of traffic, Rikett Quartz Tile is practical for educational facilities!

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Long-Lasting for Healthcare Facilities


When it comes to finding the right flooring option for healthcare facilities, Rikett Quartz Tile is the obvious choice. With an extremely low moisture absorption rate, our flooring provides high stain resistance as well as slip resistance. Additionally, Rikett Quartz Tile does not promote the growth of bacteria, mold, or infectious organisms. This long-lasting flooring will certainly withstand the test of time due to its high resistance to chipping or breaking! 

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Durable for Industrial Spaces


Rikett quartz tile incredible durability creates a strong space that can withstand the depends on a busy industrial environment. Perfect for warehousing and manufacturing floors, Rikett Quartz Tile exceeds expectations when it comes to durability. From forklifts to heavy equipment our flooring is up to the task!


Commercial Flooring at Rikett America

For centuries, Rikett has been a reliable provider of commercial flooring. Whether it is being featured in a school, healthcare facility, commercial business, or more, you will find that it would be the perfect fit for anywhere! 


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