Caring for RQT: The Best Performance from Your Commercial Flooring

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There are many reasons why Rikett Quartz Tile is ideal for commercial flooring. But just like any flooring material, it won’t perform at its best without proper care and maintenance. Our team at Rikett wants you to get the most out of your RQT flooring, which is why we’ve compiled these best practices and maintenance procedures.


Here’s how to get the best performance from your RQT commercial flooring.


Cleaning Methods

A basic cleaning routine alone will add years to the life of your flooring. Sweeping with a soft-bristled broom, vacuuming (with no metal beater bar), and dust mopping are all simple cleaning methods that are easy to employ. Once you have a system in place that effectively removes dirt and debris, it’s easy to develop a routine. The frequency of your cleaning routine will depend on your building’s location, amount of foot traffic, and equipment. Make sure you clean dust mop heads after each use, replace vacuum bags as needed, and replace worn or broken parts and tools.


Floor Mats

Use mats just inside the entrance to catch dirt and debris from the outside. Mats are ideal for heavy soil and water removal and provide good slip resistance. They keep walking in dirt and moisture outside while reducing the need for maintenance. Anti-microbial safety mats also absorb spills in wet areas such as restrooms, water fountains, and locker rooms, reducing slip and fall incidents and, in some cases, improving hygiene. However, these mats are only suitable for indoor use. They are also inexpensive and disposable, so you can replace them as needed.


Protectors on Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment can scratch your damage your floor if you don’t use the proper protectors. Certain castors, glides, and adhesive protectors are designed for carpets, so you want to ensure that you only use those meant for hard surface flooring. You should always use felt self-adhering protectors on the feet of your furniture, especially pieces that move a lot, like chairs. To prevent damage to the floor, replace the protectors every 3 to 6 months. If you ever have to move heavy furniture or equipment, use appropriate furniture glides. This not only protects your floor but also makes it easier to move the furniture.


RQT: The Best in Commercial Flooring

For high-quality, resilient commercial flooring, you won’t find a better option than RQT. To ensure that your commercial flooring performs at its best for as long as possible, follow these recommendations, which you can also find in more detail on our website.


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